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If you would like to become a new patient at our office, please select the appropriate button below to complete our new patient paperwork. Once completed, we will reach out to you to schedule your appointment.

Helpful Information for Potential New Patients

Once you have been scheduled, we will send you a link for our patient portal, onPatient. OnPatient can be accessed from a computer or through their app for mobile and tablet devices. onPatient is a portal which allows communication with our staff, review scheduling information, paying bills, and access to labs another other clinical documents.

A note on poor focus: Impairments in attention can be due to a number of causes including mood disorders, anxiety, stressful life events, trauma, and grief along with many other conditions. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is rarely the cause of focus problems in adults. Additionally, adults with ADHD do not necessarily need stimulant-type medications. There are many risks associated with these medications including worsening anxiety, anger, agitation, addiction, and insomnia. Therefore, stimulant medications are used very rarely at our practice and only when ADHD has been diagnosed through appropriate neuropsychiatric testing (which is not done at our office). If you have been started on a stimulant by another physician, please know that our physicians and nurse practitioners will not be continuing these medications simply because you have already been prescribed them.

Your initial appointment with a physician or nurse practitioner (PMHNP) is a consultation to see if you would like to establish care at our office and if the physician or PMHNP feels that they can provide the level of care you need. It is possible that they will not agree with your current medication regimen and will recommend changes. We strive to maintain patients on the lowest amount of medications possible.


Additionally, benzodiazepines including Xanax, Valium, Ativan, and Klonopin are kept to a minimum in accordance with evidence-based treatment. They are intended for short-term and as needed use. We have successfully reduced these medications with many of her patients which allow individuals improved memory and cognition, decreased anxiety, and overall better health outcomes.

We have worked hard to create a peaceful, therapeutic environment for our patients. As it is an essential aspect of our practice, calm interactions with our staff are expected. If someone is unable to maintain a respectful demeanor, they will be asked to leave the office at that time. If on the phone, they will be asked to call back once they are able to voice their needs more clearly. We appreciate your understanding in this matter and for your participation in creating an atmosphere of wellness for everyone.

Benefits of therapy: For many patients at our office, mental health services are very new to them and there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty and reluctance to seeking help. We are all aware of the negative connotations for some regarding therapy and seeing a psychiatrist. We also know that it can be the best thing someone can do for themselves. 

Therapy is helpful in a number of ways. Not only can we learn ways to address our anxiety and depression, but therapy helps us to grow into our best self. Through therapy we can learn to love and accept ourselves, improve our relationships with loved ones, thrive in our careers, understand our purpose in life, and find forgiveness and peace. We can learn ways to set appropriate boundaries with others, practice assertiveness and express emotions in healthy ways. We can learn to find control in the midst of feeling overwhelmed and find joy where fear has been. 

Medical evidence shows that while therapy alone and medication alone can both be effective treatments for many mental health disorders, the combination of the two offers the best results. If you are interested in learning more, please call our office.

Our providers do NOT do formal disability evaluations or fill out disability paperwork. We can, however, send your records wherever you would like at your request. 

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